Let's Do Good, Together

Let us help you, change the world. Nonprofit Tech works with social good organizations to transform your use of technology in furthering your mission. A collaborator and motivator to inspire and be inspired by your mission; while we organize, develop, and implement the technology solutions you need.

We Believe In Old School, Service

Our work isn't all about the technology. It's about helping you do what you do, better. Technology should be in service to your mission, goals, values and the people driving your mission forward. Technology is a tool, that can and should support your organization. At Nonprofit Tech we take service seriously. We'll be your technology partner. We classify our services into three primary areas:

Data Services

From social media to databases to analytics to measuring impact, we provide most data driven services. If we're not the right fit, we'll recommend others who have the necessary skills to help you.

Design Services

From websites to networks, we can help with design and administration. Our consultants help you plan for the future, while providing the design support you need today.

Support Services

From desktop & user support, to research & training, we provide full scope, nonprofit technology services, including: network & systems admin, tech planning, automation, and other assistive services.

Technology for Impact

With years of experiencing working with nonprofits and the social good sector, we've gotten very good at helping organizations reduce their work, improve their outcomes, and increase their impact. Our process starts by meeting your technology needs, as they are— many organizations suffer from technological neglect, they need repair and strengthening first. Then we start moving you forward, with a process of targeted interventions and changes that puts your organization on a path to improve it's impact.

Discover how you can use technology well. Not as a savior or a bandage, but as a tool and partner in your quest. From identification of the right tools, to guided instruction on proper use, to automation of minor and some major tasks, to growing your staff confidence in their ability to use technology in their efforts.

How Can We Help You?

Give us a call. We're a full-service, nonprofit, technology consultancy. Regardless, if you just need to start a social media campaign, rebuild your website, enhance your network, direct support, or problem solving— we start where your at. And with time, trust, technology, and excellent service work to move you forward to the future.

This Site Is Under Construction
Finally! After Way to Many Years, the cobbler's shoes…

We're updating our websites, which includes consolidating, archiving, and brand new designs— some borrowed (templates), some new. Basically, this means, it may not be until the end of May before, we've transitioned, re-written, or created the new content to fill all the little spaces. Speak to our clients and the city of Madison, WI. They keep us busy.